“100 Days of Summer” Challenge!

You’re Invited to the “Last 100 Days” Challenge: It’s Time to Stop Being at War with Our Bodies!

What is it about that phrase that feels, well… RADICAL? Because it IS!

After a long few years, now is the time to take control of our weight loss and wellness journeys with a true focus about loving ourselves as we are right now, even as we work to improve our health and wellness! The “Last 100 Days” of 2021 Challenge is all about making the next 100 days count, through 10 individual 10-day mini challenges designed to promote healthy habits, reinforce healthy mindsets and attitude, and learn (or re-learn) how to live our happiest, healthiest lifestyle during the challenge, and beyond!

Each 10-Day Mini Challenge is paired with a half hour podcast chock full of expert content from a registered dietician, a personal chef, a certified fitness trainer, and me: Alexis Eggleton. I’ve lived a healthy wellness journey for more than seven years, and I’ve helped hundreds of people find their happy, choose their joy, and learn to love themselves and meet themselves in this moment of their lives.

And one thing I know for certain is: Change is hard. Change can feel overwhelming. But we don’t have to change everything all at once. Every little success we achieve motivates us to succeed at the next Challenge, which is why I know these 10-Day Mini Challenges will help us make small changes that add up to BIG results!

Your “Last 100 Days” Challenge comes with support, encouragement and motivation on demand 24/7 through:

  • 10 downloadable podcasts to listen to whenever you’re in need of inspiration
  • 10 resource emails chock full of inspiring blog posts, healthy recipes, product recommendations and motivation
  • Weekly Zoom Hangs with the TCFC Tribe (available top view on demand after the session if you can’t be there live)
  • A dedicated, private Facebook group just for members of this Challenge

This “Last 100 Days” Challenge is valued at $247 (that’s less than a cup of coffee per day), but we’re offering it to you now through September 26, 2021 at just $125! Use the code WEB20 to save 20% off your registration!

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