Did You Get a Lapband?!

I’m not 110% sure you’re supposed to start your first blog post in the middle of a story, but here goes!
Last weekend I attended a very fancy, schmancy black tie gala. I wore a lovely lavender gown, my favorite costume jewelry and made Mr. Big break out a tux.
And we weren’t in the venue for more than five minutes when someone said, “Oh my GAWD! You’re so skinny now! Did you get a lapband?!”

Now, in defense of gastric bypass surgery, I thought about it. More than once. I thought it would be easier to learn portion control if I physically COULDN’T eat more than a designated portion.

But I digress. No, slighty-wasted-lady-with-the-VERY-short-dress, I didn’t get a lapband. I got my groove back.

You see, five months ago, I work up in a beautiful resort in Florida and I was afraid to go lay by the pool (Adrien Grenier had been there the day before) because I was, well, FAT.

Now, there are women who can pull off curvy, and I like to think I might be one of them, but this wasn’t “curvy,” this was “You’re going to be dead twenty years from now.”

And anyone who’s ever fallen madly in love can tell you, twenty years just ain’t enough.

And somewhere in that moment, I thought, “Ok, I’m 32. The last time I was a healthy weight, I was 21 years old. I can’t run; I can’t even go up stairs without being winded. Yes, Calvin Klein makes dresses my size, but they’re all black, grey and navy. There’s no color, no fun. I don’t want to be THIS girl for the rest of my life.”

And just like that, I began the most insanely rewarding transformation of my life. I’m only about 54% of the way done with my transformation (aside: OF COURSE I know the statistic! I measure that weekly! You should know, I’m pretty anal-retentive and usually pretty self-deprecating about it!) so you can share info, recipes, tips & tricks and workout details with me. You’ll also get to see if my Adrien Grenier-induced, pool-based freakout pays off for the long haul!


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