Closeout 2020 Challenge

Closeout 2020 Challenge

Let’s leave 2020 our happiest, healthiest selves through this weight loss and wellness challenge!

Let’s be honest, 2020 is been a year. The COVID-19 pandemic, no matter where you are, has uprooted, altered, and disrupted your life and likely the lives of those around you like your kids, your elderly loved ones, and of course your family and friends. But I know we can make these last 80 days count – and serve as our spring board to 2021. 

Now more than ever, our physical health and emotional wellness need to be a priority for ourselves. Taking care of ourselves doesn’t mean “me first,” it means “me too.” I invite you to make yourself a priority and join the TCFC Tribe!

This three-month “Closeout 2020” Challenge includes:

  • A weeklong Bootcamp with daily 15-minute podcasts to help inspire and motivate you, and set your intentions for the Challenge.
  • 10 weekly downloadable podcasts full of information and inspiration, tips and tricks for weight loss and wellness success with me and five inspiring weight loss success stories
  • 10 weekly Facebook Live classes with me
  • 10 weekly Zoom meet-ups with the TCFC Tribe
  • 10 weekly resource emails full of recipes and inspiring blog posts

We’ll track our progress and cheer each other on in a private Facebook group just for participants!  This Facebook group has regular posts with great information, and optional weekly weigh in posts to help you stay accountable.

Weight loss isn’t the same for everybody or every body, so participants in this challenge embrace all kind of sustainable weight loss programs – calorie counting, Weight Watchers, Paleo, clean eating – whatever works for them!


This three-month interactive challenge is valued at $500, but we’re offering it to you for just $157 if you register by Saturday, October 10, 2020! Register now using the code WEB20 to receive 20% off your registration!


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