Women Are Superheroes, But Our Multitasking is Making Us Fat

One of the things I marvel most at about women as a gender is our ability to multitask. I'm conversely fascinated that it's AN EXPECTATION of being a woman, not the Herculean feat it actually is! Tod...

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Diet vs. Lifestyle: Call It “Failure” If You Don’t Change What You Eat

There is a raging de...

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A “Normal” Relationship With Food

Let me tell you about the time the word "normal" hurt my feelings. Seriously. "Normal." It's not a sexy word, it's not an inflammatory word, but the word "normal" in the context of w...

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Yes, I Am Fat. And Yes, I Do Know How I Got This Way.

So in defense of the millions of intelligent, well-educated Americans who are overweight, even obese, I want to clue our healthier friends into a little bit of knowledge. Yes, we know we're f...

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Did You Get a Lapband?!

I’m not 110% sure you’re supposed to start your first blog post in the middle of a story, but here goes! Last weekend I attended a very fancy, schmancy black tie gala. I wore a lovely lavender gow...

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