7 Habits of Someone Ready to Quit “Dieting” & Make a True Lifestyle Change

There’s always a lot of debate amongst those trying to lose weight about the word “diet.”In the 1980s according to Slim Fast, “Deal a Meal” and the early Weight Watchers programs, a person was “on a diet” when they were trying to lose weight. I remember the infomercials, the shakes, the cabbage soup diets my mom would try. So I understand why so many people get upset or think the word “diet” means the extreme, very restrictive meal plan they remember.

As I’ve been blogging and on my own weight loss journey, I’ve spoken with hundreds of people who are trying to lose weight. Some are dieting in the extreme, restrictive sense of losing weight, while some are changing their lifestyle. In my experience, there are some very telltale characteristics exhibited by those who are not just in it to drop 20 pounds by their class reunion, or 50 pounds before their friends’ wedding, but rather to make lasting, sustainable change in their eating habits and lifestyle. And to me, these characteristics are the difference between making your diet, your lifestyle change or your journey successful long-term. Check ‘em out in my weekly column for Organize Yourself Skinny HERE!


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