25 Ways to Celebrate Your Weight Loss Goals That Do Not Include Food!

“Mazel tov on your wedding! Now let’s eat cake!”
“Congratulations on your promotion! Let’s go for cocktails!”

“You scored the game-winning homerun, son. Yay! Let’s go for ice cream!”

“Happy Holidays! Let’s eat 3,000 calories in one sitting. And then have PIE!”

Does anyone else feel like all of their celebrations focus around food? It’s an easy way to gather and celebrate the kids’ accomplishments, our work achievements, a birthday, a Tuesday (hey, don’t judge), you name it! But as I progressed on my weight loss journey, I realized it was a little silly to celebrate losing -1.8lbs by eating something indulgent and setting myself back.

In my weekly column for Organize Yourself Skinny I’ve developed this list of “25 Ways to Celebrate Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals That Do Not Include Food” to give us some alternatives for when we still want to celebrate and be festive! 
Once you’re read my list, I’d love to hear how you celebrate achieving your weight loss goals in the comments! 


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