Zero Point Breakfast Sausage!

I love breakfast. I love everything about a savory breakfast – toast, runny yolks, flavorful bacon or sausage… But MAN, I find it hard to spend 3-6 WW Points on breakfast meats.

Enter: the zero point breakfast sausage! 

I found this delicious recipe for sausage seasoning on Tastes of Lizzy T and it got me thinking: if I added this seasoning to 99% FF ground chicken or turkey, I could easily make breakfast sausage AT HOME.

I made up the seasoning as directed. I used dried minced garlic and onion, as well as partially freeze-dried parsley, so I’m storing it in a tupperware container in our fridge. I don’t imagine it’s going to last very long wherever it is! 

I added 2 Tbsp of the seasoning to 6oz 99% FF ground turkey, and took time to ensure it was well blended into the turkey.

I formed the turkey into flat patties because I wanted to make breakfast sandwiches, but you could easy fry the whole batch and make loose sausage crumbles if you prefer.

I sauteed the patty with a little fat-free cooking spray and added it to a breakfast sandwich with two eggs and fresh arugula, with two slices of whole wheat 45-calorie bread. A super filling 4 WW Point breakfast!

What do you think? Would you add this to your meal prep? 



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