WW Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet

Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday. I love gathering family from across the country for games, stories, laughter, and reminiscing. 

But for my weight loss journey, Thanksgiving is usually a day when I am less successful. I get derailed by the appetizers, my wine glass is never empty, and I end up with a pretty serious sugar/carb hangover the next day.

So this year I’ve decided: I’m not going to go into the holiday without a plan. I am going to research the things on our Thanksgiving table, and I’m going to decide which foods I definitely want, which foods I’m content skipping, and which foods I want but in a smaller portion.

So I put all the holiday favorites into the WW app, and created this handy cheat sheet so we can all see what we’re working with:

So now that you know what everything is “worth,” tell me: what’s going on your plate?


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