Trading Cardio for Cosmos: LIVE

Have you ever wanted to take a seminar on effective weight loss and wellness? Gosh, me neither, that sounds boring!

How about…

Have you ever wanted to take a crash course in balancing healthy weight loss and an active social life, so you can learn to have your cosmos and eat dinner too?


Then I have an exciting announcement for you! I will be offering a 1.5 hour seminar entitled “Trading Cardio for Cosmos: One Girl’s Adventures in Moderation” as part of the 20th Anniversary Women’s Conference at SUNY Sullivan on Saturday, April 9, 2015!


The official seminar description is:

“Join fit-chick wannabe Alexis Eggleton as she discusses healthy weight loss and maintenance in this all-new session! Topics will range from cooking “health” food that still tastes great and developing an exercise routine at any fitness level to how you can improve your emotional wellness and reduce your stress with just two words.

Eggleton has chronicled her 100+ pound weight loss in her blog, Trading Cardio for Cosmos, where she coaches others on how to have their cosmos, and still have dinner, too!”

Tickets for the Women’s Conference go on sale soon, and I will keep you updated when they do! Your $38 ticket to the Women’s Conference entitles you to attend two seminars and a lunch with keynote speaker Carole Montgomery! 


Other seminars include wine & spirit tastings, yoga & wellness, baking, candlemaking and MUCH more! 

Stay tuned! 😀


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