The Five Best Weight Loss Goals to Set for 2017!

I love December. Love it!


The air is crisp, we get all bundled up in cuter scarves and warm sweaters, there are endless twinkling fairy lights and people just seem to be a little kinder. It’s also the perfect capstone to the year, giving us to take stock of what we’ve achieved this year and what we still want to tackle for next year.

For me, this year has been incredible, insane and several other BIG adjectives. I love writing this column for Organize Yourself Skinny and I LOVE that I can teach online group classes to help others succeed!

Have you signed up for my 4-Day Bootcamp yet? It starts Monday, December 26th!

Have you checked out our $97, three month Elite Coaching Program? It starts January 2nd! 

I’m looking at 2017 as another year to grow, another year to share my weight loss journey with all of you and (of course) another year to hit some weight loss goals, too.
Here are my “Five Best Weight Loss Goals to Set for 2017!” Share your goals in the comments below!

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