The BEST Apple Cider Martini Recipe!

Fall is my favorite season. The leaves set the mountains on fire, I get to wear cute sweaters and scarves, and our local New York apple orchards produce some terrific apples AND apple cider!

I also love a seasonal cocktail, so Mr. Big created this beautiful cocktail to embrace all of our local apple cider and my love of ginger!

He mixed:
-2oz Bootlegger Vodka from Prohibition Distillery (trust me, it’s the best) 
-3oz Fresh Apple Cider from Soon’s Orchards
-2Tbsp Fresh Lime Juice
-1tsp Fresh Grated Ginger (more to taste)

Shake over ice and strain. Garnish with a slice of honey crisp apple. It’s 7 WW Points if you’re counting!

Pro Tip: For Girls’ Night, I like to use stemless martini glasses like these. Way less breakage!

What do you think? Could this be your new Fall cocktail?


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