22 NEW Chicken Recipes (With SmartPoints)

I love chicken. You can grill it, stew it, saute it, bake it - it's one of the most versatile proteins and it makes its way into my menu each week.


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What I Eat: Photo Diary From a 115Lb Loser

When I tell people I’ve lost -115lbs over the past two years, they immediately ask two questions: “What kind of bariatric surgery did you have?” OR “What do you EAT...

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27 Healthy Casserole and Baked Entree Recipes WITH SmartPoints!

Winter makes me want to hibernate and watch the snow fall out my window. And while I cozy up on the couch, I love making casseroles or baked entrees that make my house smell fantastic. Here's a com...

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4 Weight Loss Goals I Will NOT Be Making in 2017

How many of us have made a New Year's resolution to lose weight? Eat better? Get healthy? But much like the sparkly glitter I love so much, these resolutions often get swep...

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Let’s Make 2017 Our Year!

My name is Alexis Eggleton, and in November 2014, I woke up fat in Florida. I was 280lbs, morbidly obese and likely to die an early death.

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