Staying On Track While Traveling

It’s HARD to stay on track while traveling!

I have an active travel schedule that’s a pretty good blend of work hard and play hard, and it often takes me away from the routines I’ve developed throughout my weight loss journey.

This week I was in San Francisco for work and now I’m off to Curacao for a wedding, and I am determined not to let four airplanes, two hotel rooms and nine days away from home totally derail me from my weight loss goals. So I researched, I strategized and I made a plan for success.

Here are my 7 tips for Staying on Track While Traveling:

Make a plan for getting hydrated. I always carry my reusable Weight Watchers water bottle and fill it up in the filling stations in the train station or airport. In a pinch, I’ve also asked the restaurants or cafes to fill it up once I pass airport security!

I request a fridge in my room to give myself access to healthy options.¬† I tell the hotel I have items that must be refrigerated and they usually accommodate. Once I have one, I hit up the local grocery story or bodega for fresh fruit, bottled water or seltzer and some hard boiled eggs or cheese. It saves me money because I’m not eating every meal out and it ensures I have all the things I need to be successful.


I make a plan for exercise. It’s not enough to bring the gym clothes – I make a plan for how I’m going to use them. In random cities I like to find exercise I couldn’t or haven’t done yet at home. I first tried SoulCycle in Chicago, Indoor Surfing in New Orleans and Beachfront Yoga in Sarasota. It’s so fun to have these adventures while traveling!

Find shelf-stable snacks to bring with you when you’re tempted to eat junk! I usually bring a variety of healthy shelf-stable snacks like olives, individual pretzels, turkey or chicken jerky, RXBars or other protein bars. Sometimes I use them as meal replacements, and sometimes I just supplement a piece of fresh fruit with one of the snacks to make a more satisfying snack or meal to tide me over until I arrive at my final destination.

I make it a no-elevator, no-escalator trip. When Momma Shelley and I were on the Weight Watchers cruise we took the stairs for the whole trip! More than 330 flights of stairs over the seven days – our legs and our booties were on fire by the end, but it was totally worth it!

I sample the cuisine of the region. I love to find healthy options in whatever city I’m in. Cioppino in San Francisco, venison in upstate New York, delicious fish tacos in Santa Barbara, turkey brisket in St. Louis, red fish in New Orleans – I want to try whatever’s local because it’s fresh and delicious and usually way better than the reheated, microwaved chain food you find while traveling for work.

I practice my healthy habits. Life is pretty hectic, but work travel often gives us a little time away from our home life and home obligations, so I use it as an opportunity for “me time.” I meditate, I do yoga in my hotel room, I make sure I get eight hours of sleep, I take baths – whatever I can to practice a little self-care.

What do you think? What do you do to stay on track while traveling?



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