Spanish-Style Potato Tortilla¬†🥔

I got inspired by the new #MyWW Cookbook, and made this tortilla for a couple easy breakfasts this week!

I combined:
1 16 oz. bag Alexia shredded hashbrowns
7 ounces turkey Canadian bacon
3 eggs (beaten)
15 ounces liquid egg whites
Chives chopped fine
Salt & pepper to taste

I combined all of my ingredients in a bowl, then baked in this Pyrex at 350 degrees for 35 minutes, until the mixture sets.

This recipe is super easy, and Point-friendly on all three WW approaches. If you make 4 portions each portion adds up to:

💚¬†= 6
💜¬†= 1
💙¬†= 3.5

It’s such a hearty, filling way to start the day!

What do you think? Would you make this recipe?


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