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Put An Egg On It: Breakfast Bowls!

You guys know my favorite food is eggs, so it's no wonder breakfast bowls are right up there on my list of must-have breakfasts!

I love them because the combinations are truly endless, and I usually prefer them when I'm aiming for a low-carb or protein-packed meal – no toasts allowed!

So let's talk possibilities!

First and foremost, I like a lot of contrasting textures. The eggs are pretty soft, so fresh, hearty greens like arugula and baby kale provide some nice crunch!

Next, I like to add a variety of roasted veggies. I'm a big fan of meal prep on Sundays, so I like to make a big sheet pan of veggies up on Sunday and then I can add them to omelettes or breakfast bowls to “bulk up” my meals. Peppers, onions, and zucchini are easiest because they cook at about the same time, but I'm also a BIG fan sautéing shiitake mushrooms with fresh rosemary. The earthly flavor is a great compliment to, well, everything!

Roasted butternut squash with Cajun seasoning is a Fall favorite of mine. It's spicy and sweet and pairs beautifully with a good runny egg yolk. My favorite Cajun seasoning is from A Cajun Life 1 – it tastes just like a classic New Orleans seasoning!

I'm also a big fan of adding brown rice, beans, or legumes to my breakfast bowls for some extra fiber and protein. Rinsed canned black beans are a pantry staple in my house, as are dried French lentils 2. I usually like to cook up a batch of lentils in half chicken stock, half water for an extra flavor boost, and then add them to salads, breakfast bowls or as a side dish with dinner.

Now… let's talk about the EGGS! I love a poached egg, or as I called them as a child “dipping eggs!” I've never been great at making them in a big pot of water, so when I found these silicone egg cups 3, I ordered them immediately. They allow you to cook the eggs in water, but keeps the egg white together – they're the best!

If you're a gadget gal like my mom, Momma Shelley, check out this stainless steel egg poaching pan 4, with four individual cups!

I always like to top my bowls with kosher salt, cracked black pepper, and fresh herbs like basil, thyme, or chives. The herbaceous flavor is such a bright contrast to the fatty egg yolk – definitely worth keeping around the house!

What about you? What do you put in your breakfast bowl?

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