Prep For Success!

Sometimes I cannot be trusted to make good food decisions. I’m late, I’m tired, I’m hangry…  So in order to keep me from sabotaging me, I prep for my week ahead on Sunday. 

I sauté veggies for my egg white omelettes, I portion out fruit for snacks and I assemble lunches that include 4-6 ounces of lean protein and at least two veggies.   

Here are some of my “Prep for Success” tips:

1. Buy new Tupperware or food storage items that are specific for your lunches, and have plenty of extras. I bought all of my containers in the same size (the one that fits my lunchbag), so I’m never hunting for a lid!

2. Check the Sunday circulars before you hit the grocery store. You’ll find what proteins are on sale and what fruits & veggies are in season!
3. Consider using the same protein each day, but varying how you prepare it. Maybe chicken breasts baked with fresh herbs, grilled with BBQ sauce, sautéed with capers and white wine or topped with fresh tomato salsa.

4. Utilize big cooking surfaces, like griddles or grills to cook a variety of items at the same time. 

What are some of your prep for success tips and tricks? 


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