“Making Good Choices” Is Not a Total Bummer. Really. 

We all have that friend (in my case an 85-year old great aunt) who knows you’re losing weight and says “Is that in your diet?” Or “I can’t believe you can eat THAT?!” 

So this post is for them.

Yes, darling loved one, I can actually eat anything I want, *in moderation*  and with some planning .

Coming off my big birthday weekend, I snapped out of bed this morning thinking three things:

1. I had so much fun, but I have some serious laundry to do.

2. Time to get my eating back on my routine.

3. Look out, Planet Fitness! Here I come! 

So I made myself a Morning-After Egg White Omelette, using half an ounce of chorizo and three ounces of potatoes leftover from last night’s dinner, with a cup of kale and half a yellow onion. 


I know you want to say, “But chorizo is SO high in points!” And I will say Chorizo is higher in points than chicken sausage, so I used half an ounce and I skipped the cheese. And since I wanted the potatoes, I skipped my usual English muffin. Delicious, satisfying and the same caloric/Points Plus intake as my normal breakfast. Moderation! 

And then I set to work at working off the weekend. A double espresso and a full two-hours of cardio at the gym: 10 miles biking, an hour of interval training on the elliptical and either some stair climbing or a half-hour walk to cool off! 

So I give you these examples as a way to say “Go to the beach and have cocktails. Eat the birthday cake (or the chorizo)!” As long as you are prepared to make good choices regarding portion size or gym time, there is nothing you can’t eat on your way to being a smaller, healthier you! 


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