Join the Holiday THRIVE Challenge!

Trading Cardio for Cosmos is hosting at 10-Day Holiday THRIVE Challenge designed to help you survive and THRIVE this holiday season!

From Sunday, November 11 through Wednesday, November 21 you’ll receive tons of motivation, inspiration, support and all the resources you need to stay on track with your weight loss and wellness goals this holiday season.

This challenge contains ten, 15-minute audio classes available on demand. They’re the perfect length to listen as you get ready each morning, drop the kids off at school, make dinner, or with a cup of tea on your couch in the evenings.

The classes cover topics like:

Holiday Goal Setting: What’s Realistic for YOU, Superwoman

Holiday Fridge & Pantry Staples – What You Need to Have, Skip, and FIND

What’s Going On My Plate – Strategies for the Grazer, the Picker, the Portion-Control-er, the “Give Me All the Stuffing, Who Needs Pie” Gal

“I’m So Excited… I’m So Scared” Tips & Tricks to Avoid Becoming Overwhelmed By the Holiday STRESS

The Perfect Potluck – Meals and Menu Ideas for Potluck Parties            (Hint: Crudite need not apply!)

Move Yo Booty – How to Get (More) Exercise Into Your Holiday Schedule

Protecting Your Wellbeing from Emotional Vampires (every family has them!)

Eat This, Not That – Strategies for Lightening Up Your Holiday Favorites

I’m Going to A Cocktail Party and I’m Drinking… Low-Cal Cocktail Ideas (with real booze)

About Last Night: Strategies for Getting Back on Track After a Rough Night (or weekend, week, month – you know how it is)

Each class comes with a handy, dandy resource guide with links to inspiring blogs, thoughtful advice, delicious recipes, and must-have kitchen items, condiments, and maybe even a great pair of shoes!

Each student will also have access to a private Facebook group with daily motivation, inspiration, and support from a Tribe of people looking to THRIVE through their holiday season!

We think this information is invaluable (seriously), but we want to make it available to you at the low, low cost of just $37! That’s just $3.70 a day for all the content, motivation, and support you need to succeed!

Get yours today and get ready to thrive with the Tribe this November!

This Holiday Thrive Challenge is hosted by Trading Cardio for Cosmos Founder Alexis Eggleton. You may know Alexis from Good Morning America, her feature in the NY Post, Weight Watchers magazine and on, or in the Winter 2018 Weight Watchers radio ads with Ryan Seacrest! Alexis is someone who has truly lived her weight loss journey, and having lost over -100lbs and cruising towards her own personal goals.

Want to give the TCFC online classes to a friend or family member as a gift? Email us at and we’re be thrilled to help!


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