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Trading Cardio for Cosmos is a popular weight loss and wellness blog that’s built on the idea that moderation is key, exercise is good and cosmos are delicious! Every day we bring you positive, uplifting messages, yummy recipes, food finds and a healthy dose of sass.

Two years ago, Alexis Eggleton woke up 280lbs and morbidly obese. She set out to lose weight and get healthy. She has lost more than -100lbs and along the way, changed her life forever.


Alexis has provided counsel and private coaching to clients on a limited basis, and clients truly appreciate the support and value she brings to their weight loss journeys.  The momentum coaching students have had since November 2016 classes began has been incredible! Get ready to ramp up your weight loss journey for Winter 2018!  We’ve created coaching programs  designed to help keep you focused, motivated and EXCITED about achieving your weight loss goals!  You can choose from three options:

2017 Winter Weight Loss & Wellness Bootcamp:

2018 Jumpstart:

2018 Class Pass:

Because these classes and resources are available on-demand, there are no refunds or exchanges available.

Want to give the TCFC online classes to a friend or family member as a gift? Email us at and we’re be thrilled to help!



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