Finding Your Tribe

Someone asked me recently how I “found my tribe.” Weight Watchers is the easy answer. The more elaborate answer is this… Losing weight gave me the confidence to:

Fall in love and really give in to the process, no matter how scary.

🏃‍♀️ Get off the sidelines of my own life and start really LIVING the adventures I’d always dreamed of.

🙅‍♀️ Stop allowing others define my value or my worth. How someone else views me is about them. How I view me is what matters.

👯‍♀️ Surround myself with people who bring me JOY. I’ve lost touch with several people I used to be through this process, and even more people who could only see me as I used to be, not who I’ve evolved to be.

💞 I tell the universe what I want from my life, so it knows what to give me. Gone are the days of “It’ll be what it’ll be.” Now I truly know it’s what I make of it

When I did these things, when I let go of feeling shackled by being overweight and STUCK in my life, when I told the universe what I wanted and needed rather than assuming I was only worth what I was given, then the most incredible, thoughtful, inspiring and loving people came into my life.

So here’s to the cheerleaders, sisters, confidantes, workout partners, healthy enablers, inspirations, and those who bring me JOY. Love you guys! xoxo


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