WW Freestyle Menu Plan – Week 4

Hey hey, friends! Happy Sunday! GUYS - where did January go? I can't believe we're already four weeks into 2019! Are you thinking about how you'll celebrate Superbowl Sund...

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Homemade Chicken Soup

Happy Soup-er Sunday!

Each winter I get the strongest desire to NEST in my home. I switch from "Go, go, go!" to ...

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TCFC’s “Don’t Wait for 2019!” Challenge

Why wait for 2019 to get focused on your health and wellness goals? December has 31 days where we can work hard, eat healthy, and start the new year on the RIGHT foot! The TCFC "Don't Wait Until 20...

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Have you seen the #WhatIWantToTellYou hashtag on Instagram this week? Someone had this beautiful idea to create a campaign about what you’d tell your younger self. Kind of like our own versi...

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Join the TCFC Tribe! Fall Classes Start September 3!

Join the Trading Cardio for Cosmos Tribe!

 Weight loss is hard, but it’s so much better with your Tribe. We invite you to join the Trading Cardio for Cos...

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