Bite-Sized Egg BLTs

Egg White BLTS! 🥓 I am OBSESSED with these egg white BLTS! To make these 1 Read more

Veggie Ribbon Salad

Veggie Ribbon Salad 🥕 I wanted to serve a salad at my  Read more

Bloody Mary Shrimp

Let’s start brunch with some Bloody Mary Shrimp, okay? I took two pounds of peeled, deveined, tail on shrimp, and turned them into a cold appetizer course for brunch. In cooking spray I sautéed...

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Blistered Shishito Peppers

Until recently, I always thought they were spicy, so I avoided them but Pepper Scale says “In terms of our jalapeño reference scale, the t...

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Zero Point Breakfast Sausage!

I love breakfast. I love everything about a savory breakfast - toast, runny yolks, flavorful bacon or sausage... But MAN, I find it hard to spend 3-6 WW Points on breakfast meats. ...

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