Brussel Sprout Breakfast Bake

This needs to be your next breakfast bake! I make no secret of my love of a savory breakfast, and when I had extra brussel sprouts leftover this weekend, I decided to put them to delicious use in a sa...

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Spanish-Style Potato Tortilla 🥔

I got inspired by the new #MyWW Cookbook, and made this t...

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Throw Together Chicken Salad 🍗

I got home late after seeing Read more

Grapefruit Mimosas 🍾

Grapefruit Mimosas! I knew I wanted a twist on a classic mimosa for my Read more

Bite-Sized Egg BLTs

Egg White BLTS! 🥓 I am OBSESSED with these egg white BLTS! To make these 1 Read more

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