“Making Good Choices” Is Not a Total Bummer. Really.¬†

We all have that friend (in my case an 85-year old great aunt) who knows you're losing weight and says "Is that in your diet?" Or "I can't believe you can eat THAT?!"  So this post is for them. ...

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“The Day Sarah’s Big Cojones Pushed Me Out of My Comfort Zone!”

So this blog post is all about pushing your limits. One of the thing I often hear from fellow weight watcher devotees is that they got very stuck in a routine, be it food or exercise, then they get bo...

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Prep For Success!

Sometimes I cannot be trusted to make good food decisions. I'm late, I'm tired, I'm hangry...  So in order to ke...

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Getting My Second Wind

I am a girl who likes a second wind. Like a cup of coffee at 4 o'clock, a second wind is exactly what I need to complete the task at hand. And in this case, the ...

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Reinvent Yourself Through Your Weight Loss Journey

As you may have read in a previous blog I recently started a new job. This job was a big step up from my prior job, and required a new level of focus, attention-to-detail and development of other skil...

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