I Eat What I Want On The Weekends and I Have Lost Almost 100lbs! 

Now, you know it wasn't really that easy, right?  I often get asked about how I can maintain a busy social calendar, and still lose weight. Talk about a spoiled brat kind of problem...

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Fat in Florida: An Update

My weight loss journey started just ten months ago, when I woke up FAT in Florida. This week I had ...

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Say “Whaaaaaaaat?!” : How Getting Asked If I Got a Lapband (Again! Twice!) Has Made Me Lose My Mind

This weekend I was asked if I had gastric bypass/lapband twice in 24 hours.  The first time, I confess, was after I'd had a couple cocktails so I thought, "I'm just gonna take it as a compliment ...

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Why Eating Clean Works for Me (and it’s not what you think!)

Whenever someone asks me about my weight loss, I tell them up front that I'm a clean eater. And most people have one of two reactions: 1. They assume I'm a crunchy-granola, hippie who doesn't share h...

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“Making Good Choices” Is Not a Total Bummer. Really.¬†

We all have that friend (in my case an 85-year old great aunt) who knows you're losing weight and says "Is that in your diet?" Or "I can't believe you can eat THAT?!"  So this post is for them. ...

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