Meet Jeni. She’s Helping Me Get In Non-Spin Shape!

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Blistered Shishito Peppers

Until recently, I always thought they were spicy, so I avoided them but Pepper Scale says “In terms of our jalapeño reference scale, the t...

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Birthday Reflections

“It’s never too late.” I woke up this morning another year older, and I couldn’t help but sigh a (not-so) little sigh of relief. The last year of my life has had some epic highs - traveling ...

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Guys, I've been waiting for this snow storm all winter!  We were supposed to head upstate to visit my family this weekend, but the impending snow storm has us firmly par...

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When I first started losing weight, there were a few white lies I told myself… “I’m totally happy with my body the way it is. I’m just doing this ‘for my health.'” <...

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