WW Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet

Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday. I love gathering family from across the country for games, stories, laughter, and reminiscing.  But for my weight loss journey, Thanks...

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Put An Egg On It: Breakfast Bowls!

You guys know my favorite food is eggs, so it’s no wonder breakfast bowls are right up there on my list of must-have breakfasts! I love them because the combinations are ...

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Paella Party!

If eggs are my favorite food, paella is a very close second. I know, I know, totally different things but they’re both delicious and super versatile. The first time I had paella was in a Portugue...

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Skinnytaste: “One and Done”

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My New Obsession: Ricotta Toast!

Guys, I’m officially obsessed with ricotta toast. OBSESSED. Before now I always thought of ricotta as the Italian cottage cheese that goes in lasagna. Not exactly true…...

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