For the Love of Leeks

HAPPY SPRING! Okay, so Mother Nature is being a bit of a "Mutha" this week with the 80 degree weekend and sleet today, but on the whole, we're moving toward longer days, warmer temperatures and eventually, gardens and roadside stands and farmer's markets and... You get the idea! But April and early May in the Hudson Valley are a little odd in terms of good, fresh local produce. Too early for lettuce, most veggies, etc except... LEEKS! I love leeks. LOVE leeks. They're a thoroughly underused vegetable. According the The George Mateljan Foundation's Read more

Diet vs. Lifestyle: Call It “Failure” If You Don’t Change What You Eat

There is a raging debate in the online weight loss community about whether you're "dieting" or "making a lifestyle change" on your quest to become healthy. It's a badge of honor to be making the change, and the word diet is often shouted down. 

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A “Normal” Relationship With Food

Let me tell you about the time the word "normal" hurt my feelings. Seriously. "Normal." It's not a sexy word, it's not an inflammatory word, but the word "normal" in the context of weight loss was like a molotov cocktail to my pysche, apparently. My closest friends are all aware of my lifestyle change, and while out to dinner one night my best friend said, "So what are you going to do when you're at your goal, you're done counting points, etc?" This is a perfectly reasonable question, and she asked it to make sure I was thinking of what comes next, which...

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Seafood: Every Weight Watcher’s Low-Point Friend!

They say relationships are all about compromise. So in that spirit, for the past six weeks, Friday has been a meatless day in my world. I'm not Catholic, but Mr. Big is, and I feel like it would be unfair to make myself a steak while he's having, well, anything else. Now is also a good moment to mention that I'm a Weight Watcher Devotee. I admire women who can do 21-day fixes, cleanses, macrobiotic meals, etc. But for me, I like the freedom that the WW point system provides. Every food is assigned a point value and you're assigned a point target for your ...

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Yes, I Am Fat. And Yes, I Do Know How I Got This Way.

So in defense of the millions of intelligent, well-educated Americans who are overweight, even obese, I want to clue our healthier friends into a little bit of knowledge. Yes, we know we're fat. And yes, we know how we got fat. We didn't wake up one morning and decide not to give a hoot about our own personal health or our life expectancy. We didn't just decide wearing baggy, dark clothing and having a drawer full of leggings made us fashion plates. "I'm so excited to wear a t-shirt in the pool!" said no chubby person, EVER. Trust me on that one. For mil...

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