The Weight Watchers Cruise: What I Ate!

When people find out I went on the inaugural Weight Watchers cruise, their first question is always: “What did you eat?” My answer? Cosmos! Haha, no, I ate seafood, jerk chicken, pasta, tons of fresh fruit, antipasto, nachos – you name it!


Weight Watchers has a dedica...

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GLOW for your GOAL: a Conference for Women October 20-22, 2017!

GLOW for your GOAL is bringing together women from across the country (and Canada!) to learn, grow, and support one another to achieve their wellness goals. GLOW goes beyond traditional weight loss programs, and speaks to:

  • The WHY of weight loss,
  • Emotional wellness, and
  • How we can finally stop trying to be perfect.

GLOW is about recognizing that we are enough.


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“Be the Change”

Last Friday I had the great honor of giving the Keynote Address at the annual "Can't Hurt Steel" Gala." The Can't Hurt Steel Community Foundation was started by my dear friends JJ and Kristen Hanson, following JJ's diagnosis with Stage 4 brain cancer a few years ago. The theme of the Gala was "Be the Change" and my speech focused on how we can make changes to get healthier AND create healthie...

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10 Eating Habits That Helped Me Lose -100+ Lbs

Forming new (good) habits is an essential part of weight loss. It’s about retraining your body and your mind, and it takes some time to get it right. In a column for Organize Yourself Skinny I shared 10 eating habits that have helped me throughout my journey of losing more than 100lbs! <...

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Summer Slim Down Series: REGISTER NOW!

Spring is finally here, and with it, Trading Cardio for Cosmos is preparing our newest program: the Read more

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