7-Day Menu Plan (With SmartPoints!)

I’ve very excited that SUMMER is finally here! The warmer weather, the fresh produce, the sunshine – it all makes for a happier, healthier ME!

Our “Summer Share”

Mr. Big and I both grew up in communities that really relied on second home owners and tourism to make the economy work, and this summer, we’ve decided to join the mass exodus out of the NYC-metro area and into the mountains on the weekends!

The view out our bedroom window this summer! 

We’ve taken a summer share in a home *literally* across the street from the house I grew up in (where my parents still live), nearby to my grandparents, my adorable nieces and tons of aunts, uncles and cousins. It’s also in the heart of the Sullivan County Catskills, so there’s hiking, kayaking, canoeing, fishing – you name it!

We spent time tubing down the Delaware for Memorial Day Weekend!

After all the time I spend in the Bronx and in the car commuting, the green yards and fresh air are just what I need to decompress after a long week! Mr. Big has big plans of grilling, biking and hitting up the Craft Beer & Spirits Trail, so I’m sure we’ll be busy, too!  

We took Momma Shelley out for cocktails at Prohibition Distillery!

I’m working my hardest to keep active while away from the gym on these weekends, and to make sure I’m eating lightly during the week because I’m much more likely to eat more snack-y type stuff or have more cocktails on the weekends. 

I’ve gone ahead and kept track of the past few weeks, and I’ve developed this 7-day menu plan that allows you (me) to take advantage of all the fresh summer produce, utilize your grill AND enjoy some fro-yo or cocktails when the spirit moves you.

Check it out:

Sundays we wake up in the green world and head home after lunch and visiting either the Roscoe or Callicoon Farmers’ Markets for fresh produce! The farm eggs on my weekend menu actually come from my Aunt & Uncle’s house. The yolks are so yellow and delicious!

My weekdays are much easier to plan for, and I usually eat exactly what I’ve packed for my breakfast, lunch and snacks. Monday was no exception, and I was SO excited when I realized that seaweed salad is just 3SP for a whole cup! YUM!

Tuesdays are usually a rest day for me, and I went a little overboard with my steakhouse dinner concept. I was STUFFED when I was done eating, and that’s an uncomfortable feeling for me anymore. I need to work on really listening to my body’s cues when it says it’s done eating! 

Wednesdays are the days when I am most likely to go off the good diet & exercise path, because getting up early to hit the gym and commute usually exhaust me, but today’s bootcamp workout was AWESOME and I filled my day (and my meals) with so much protein so I wasn’t left starving like last week.

Thursday I knew we were having pizza, so I went for a BIG cardio workout at the gym and I really feel like I earned the pizza (and the wine) when I was done!

Friday was a long commute home, and then another hour up to the Summer Share, so we didn’t eat dinner until almost 9pm! I had a cocktail with dinner and one after while we enjoyed the fire pit and I was OUT cold by 11!

Saturday is the day we like to entertain friends, visit with family or try out the local restaurants like The Rockland House or Northern Farmhouse Pasta. This week, however, we kayaked for an hour and then stopped for BLTS (no mayo) at the local diner. For dinner we used the new Weber Charcoal Grill I bought for Mr. Big, and again, by 11pm I was out cold! Must be the fresh air!

All told, it was a pretty good week for exercise, and a pretty good week for eating, too! I didn’t mean to eat under, and I feel good about the days I used my weeklies. By making my cocktails “treats” I ensure I’m fueling my body with good foods and not ending up with too many unnecessary sugars!

What do you think? What would you add/delete or change to make this menu work for you? Share with me in the comments below! 


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