6 Food Goals to Set for 2017!

I recently read where an article where a dietitian said “If you eat what you have always eaten, you will weigh what you have always weighed.”

This point was fascinating to me because most people I see yo-yo dieting fall into two categories:

First are the people who eat stuff they would’ve absolutely never eaten before starting to lose weight and have no intention of eating long-term. Most people will not eat meal replacement bars or shakes or prepackaged food for the rest of their life. They eat it while they lose weight, and then they go back to eating what they have always eaten. And in most cases, eventually these people will weigh what they have always weighed again.

Second there are those who try to eat knock-off, low-fat and low-cal versions of what they have always eaten. Think Lean Cuisines, fat-free soups, cheese, eggbeaters, etc.

These are short-term solutions, but unfortunately, they’re usually less tasty and less satisfying versions of the thing you want, so most people revert back to the full-fat or original versions when they are done losing or when they just can’t eat the “fake” version anymore. And as they go back to eating what they have always eaten, they eventually go back to weighing what they have always weighed.

Before I decided to lose weight, my eating habits were that of a frat boy on a bender. I smoked cigarettes, drank too much and ate at least one (if not two) meals from a drive thru every day. I overindulged in rich foods, fried foods, prepackaged snack foods and foods high in sodium and cholesterol.

So when I started my weight loss journey, I knew that I could not continue to eat the way I had been eating and expect to live to age 50. So I set out to radically change my eating habits. I started to look for food that would fuel my body, rather than soothe with me, entertain me, or that I could use to stuff down my feelings.

Two years later, I have lost 116 pounds and I am nearing a healthy BMI. I make a point to choose the foods that are healthiest for me as often as possible. That doesn’t mean there’s not cake and cosmos sometimes, but now most of my choices have become about my health.

So for my weekly column in Organize Yourself Skinny I put together “6 Food Goals to Set for 2017” or really, any time you’re ready to start your weight loss journey! These goals will lead you to a cleaner eating lifestyle and hopefully save you money, as well!


Check them out HERE!


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