2019 Summer Slim Down Challenge!

Weight loss is hard. Wellness is hard. But what if you had help? What if you had a Tribe of people cheering you on and supporting you?

My blog, Trading Cardio for Cosmos, is all about my weight loss and wellness journey. I share all about my weight loss and wellness, as well as delicious recipes, motivational posts, and tons of sweaty selfies!

After private coaching others to achieve their weight loss success, I launched the TCFC Online Wellness Challenges three years ago. Thousands of students have found inspiration and success in these challenges!

This Summer Slim Down Challenge includes:

  • 12 weekly downloadable podcasts full of information and inspiration
  • 12 weekly Facebook Live classes with me
  • 12 weekly resource emails full of recipes and inspiring blog posts
  • 12 weekly challenges with prizes – designed to help you build healthy habits and stay on plan.
  • We’ll track our progress and cheer each other on in a private Facebook group just for participants!  This Facebook group has daily posts with great information, and optional weekly weigh in posts to help you stay accountable.

For Summer Slim Down, we’ll have podcasts like:


  • Healthy Summer Entertaining with chef Julie Hartigan


  • Budget Grocery Shopping and Meal Prep with Biz from My Bizzy Kitchen


  • “10 Takeaways from My Weight Loss Success” with Honesty, Amy, Ashley, and Shawna


  • As well as monthly podcasts from me about weight loss motivation, overcoming setbacks, using summer to aid our weight loss, and much more!

You may know me from Good Morning America, my feature in the NY Post, Weight Watchers magazine and on PopSugar.com, or in the Winter 2018 Weight Watchers radio ads with Ryan Seacrest!

I’m someone truly living their weight loss journey, and I’m delighted to share these experts, resources, and inspiration with you so we can achieve our goals together!

Weight loss isn’t the same for everybody or every body, so participants in this challenge embrace all kind of sustainable weight loss programs – calorie counting, Weight Watchers, Paleo, clean eating – whatever works for them!


This three-month interactive challenge is valued at $400, but we’re offering it to you for just $147 if you register by Friday, June 28, 2019.

Prefer to pay month-to-month? Click HERE to register!