2019 Summer Slim Down Challenge

Hey, hey Goal Diggers!

This is the page where your audio classes will be published every Sunday morning.


To Access:
Click on the audio recording link.
A login screen will pop up if you are on a computer, cell phone or tablet.
On a computer: On the bottom of the pop screen, hit “No thanks, continue to view →”.
On a cell phone: A screen will say “Preview Not Available.” Same thing, hit at the bottom of the screen “Open with…”
Either way, click “Open with” or “Continue to View” as you DO NOT need to login to Dropbox.
Click on the blue arrow to hit play and to start the audio.

To Download:
Find the upper, right blue button that says “Download”.
Click on the drop-down arrow and choose “Direct Download”.
We highly recommend downloading audios to your cloud, such as your own Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon cloud, etc, and not to your phone or computer

*iPhone Users: Recently iPhone users have experiences some challenges with playing the audio. The solution is to simply download the free Dropbox app to your phone from the App Store. You will be able to listen to the audio through the free Dropbox app, and then your audio classes will be stored there, free!


AUDIO CLASS #1: Debunking the Weight Loss Lies I Told Myself
AUDIO CLASS #2: Budget Grocery Shopping and Meal Prep with Biz from My Bizzy Kitchen!
AUDIO CLASS #3: 10 Takeaways From My Weight Loss Journey with Shawna (@shawna_losing_for_life on Instagram)


AUDIO CLASS #4: Vacation Reflections, Accountability, and My Evolving WHY


AUDIO CLASS #5: 10 Takeaways From My Weight Loss Journey with Ashley (@ww_ashleyf on Instagram)




AUDIO CLASS #7: 10 Takeaways From My Weight Loss Journey with Honesty (@lifewithhonesty on Instagram)


AUDIO CLASS #8: Communication and Emotional IQ


AUDIO CLASS #9: End of Summer Veg and Healthy Entertaining
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