The Weight Watchers Cruise: What I Ate!

When people find out I went on the inaugural Weight Watchers cruise, their first question is always: “What did you eat?”

My answer? Cosmos!

Haha, no, I ate seafood, jerk chicken, pasta, tons of fresh fruit, antipasto, nachos – you name it!


Weight Watchers has a dedicated restaurant and seating in a restaurant called “The Black Crab,” and the BC offered breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.

All the menus had the Weight Watchers SmartPoints listed right on the menu, which made it super easy to track! Lunch and dinner both had 0 SmartPoint soups to start, and they were really delicious.

This Tandoori Roasted Cauliflower Soup from Chef Julie Hartigan was one of the best things I ate all week. Hands down.

The buffets were open to all passengers, and for lunch and dinner there was a special section of the buffet with Weight Watchers foods with their SmartPoints listed. It was great to be able to grab & go during the day!

It wasn’t all Weight Watchers foods, thought… Momma Shelley and I bought an upgraded dining package that enabled us to eat in the a la carte restaurants like Galaxy and Eataly. Yup. We went on a Weight Watchers cruise and ate at Eataly!

We had salads, pasta and surf & turf, and because I had such great low SmartPoint options for breakfast and lunch, I didn’t even go over my daily points!

When we were in Jamaica, Momma Shelley and I convinced our bus driver to stop for some lunch, and we had the most INCREDIBLE jerk chicken. I ate (roughly) half a cup of the rice and 8 ounces of chicken (skin removed). I loved being able to stay on track and taste a local delicacy!

One of the nights Momma Shelley went to a birthday party in honor of a new friend she met (Hi Charlotte!), and I joined some of the folks from Weight Watchers at Le Muse, which was seriously delicious. These lamb chops were so delicious!

On our last evening, Momma Shelley and I dined at Galaxy, which was a tasting menu, and really delicious!


The Welcome Party was super fun – 0 and 1 SmartPoint snacks, a DJ and cocktails!

The Cinco do Mayo cooking class with Chef Julie was so fun and delicious! It was great to meet her and see how she creates healthy recipes that make nachos and cocktails not feel like big indulgences.


We bought a coffee package (you know me, of course we did) and a beverage package, which was great because bottled water is NOT free on this trip. You can bring a reusable water bottle and fill it up in the buffets!

The coffee on the ship is AMAZING – rich, dark and delicious. I love good coffee, and the coffee bars on the ship were spot on!

As far as cocktails, the world is your oyster!

There are daily cocktails, different bars have different beverages and you can get pretty much anything. My fellow Weight Watcher Ambassador Dina and I tried and loved their Aperol Spritzes!

What do you think? Not what you’d expect from a Weight Watchers cruise, right?