10 Reasons Why I Love Weight Watchers!

When I finally decided to take control of my health, I wanted to choose a program that would be compatible with my lifestyle and sustainable in the long-term.

Back in 2014, I was a serial dieter. I’d tried cabbage soup diets, drank weight loss shakes, eaten Medifast and other prepackaged meal programs, you name it! There was very little I had not tried. And while I lost weight on each of those, the moment I stopped eating their food or from their restrictive diet plan, my weight always crept back up because I hadn’t learned how to eat the foods I love, the foods that are regularly available and most of all, I had no sense of moderation or balance.

So I went back to the only weight loss program that I knew would allow me to eat REAL food: Weight Watchers.

And I’ve stuck with it, over the past 2+ years and -115lbs of weight loss because Weight Watchers has a number of advantages just not available in other weight loss programs.

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  • Seasonal Eating – How Eating What’s In Season Saves You Money and Aids Weight Loss
  • Banishing the Negative Nelly From Your Brain
  • The Weight Loss Trifecta: Organization, Menu Planning and Meal Prep
  • Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into Smaller Pants!
  • Summer BBQs, Entertaining and Family Gatherings – No Excuse to Over-Indulg
  • And everyone’s favorite “Eat This, Not That!”

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10 Healthy & Delicious Recipes to Make This Spring!

Spring has officially sprung here in the Northeast (of course as I say that I’m waiting for a weatherman to announce a freak April storm), and I’m excited to take advantage of all of the goodness SPRING has to offer!

In my weekly column for Organize Yourself Skinny, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite things, along with yummy healthy recipes you can whip up at home!

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