Getting My Second Wind

I am a girl who likes a second wind. Like a cup of coffee at 4 o’clock, a second wind is exactly what I need to complete the task at hand.
And in this case, the task at hand, is finishing what I started and losing these last 12.8 pounds. 
Friends, I confess. I got a little crazy/lazy/punch drunk on summer/maybe a little actually drunk in the summer, and I forgot some of the things that got me here. Momentarily at least.
From the moment I announced I was taking a new job, it was night after night of celebrating. As I mentioned, the job is kind of a big deal, and everyone (it seemed) wanted to celebrate. Maybe just *I* wanted to celebrate, but everyone came along and no one complained! LOL 

This meant a lot of dinners on the Fly (which always leads to more points than I planned for), more cocktails than I will tell you about, and fewer gym visits. I think my Fitbit missed me.

It was all losses of .2 or .8 pounds, until it was a +1 GAIN! And on the morning of that offensive gain, Facebook decided to share a memory with me from last year, and boy, was I NOT happy with what I saw:

That girl is fat… That girl is unhealthy… That girl wears sweaters all summer… That girl is sweaty, all the time… And just like that, I got my second wind.

I remembered that in order to be able to go out and have dinners, have cocktails and “celebrate summer” my butt needs to be in the gym no less than four times a week, for some serious cardio. 

And I also remembered that just because everyone is having a steak, a cocktail, or chips and dip, does not mean I have to make those same selections and I know, for myself, I have to watch the grazing over appetizers.
Last week, I stuck to my guns and ate lots of seafood, skipped some of the cocktail and hit the gym hard four times. And the proof was in the way in on Friday. I lost -2.6 pounds for a total loss of -89.8. Only 10.2 pounds to go for my first goal! 
What helps you get a second wind on your weight loss journey?