Reinvent Yourself Through Your Weight Loss Journey

As you may have read in a previous blog I recently started a new job. This job was a big step up from my prior job, and required a new level of focus, attention-to-detail and development of other skills I haven’t quite mastered yet.

One of the best pieces of advice I received about starting a new job was “No one at your new job knows you yet. Which means you can be whoever you want. You can leave behind old mindsets, old habits and anything you didn’t like about yourself in your last job. Not that many people get a chance to reinvent themselves, but you do.”

I spent a lot of time thinking about what that meant for me and my new job:

1. I want to be a better listener. 

2. I want to slow down and truly take in experiences, rather than racing from one to the next. 

3. I want to become a duck. No, I’m serious! I want to become like a duck and let the small, superficial things that waste my time and energy roll off my back. 

4. I want to develop a difference between my personal life and my work acquaintances. Blurring that line in my last job meant I was always on, always working, and that’s not healthy, I want to spend my free time with people I truly love, rather than spending my time on superficial friends and acquaintances. 

5. And as much as possible I want to leave my work at work. I don’t want to let work things bother me when I’m home with Mr. Big, having dinner with my family, or having cocktails with my friends.
And then, invariably, I thought about how this lesson applies to our weight loss journeys. 

I don’t ever want to be the woman who woke up FAT in Florida ever again. 

So what things about myself, what old habits, what old foods am I going to focus on getting rid of? 

And here is what I identified about the old me that I want to change as I become the new me:

1. I want to be more respectful of my body, and that starts with what types of food and drink I put in it. I have, as much as possible begun the limiting processed foods, chemicals, and all fast food.

2. I want to be more attuned to my emotional well-being. I don’t want to use food or cocktails or wine as a means of comfort. By eating or drinking my feelings I put unnecessary calories and fat in my body, and I also suppress the issue. Not dealing with situations (or my reaction to situations) and using food or drink to comfort myself is what landed me fat in Florida in the first place.

3. Also in line with emotional wellness, I want to give myself the same love and attention I give others. I’m going to take the time, even if it means missing things, to get my workouts in, plan my menus and prep my meals. And that also means standing up for myself, politely and respectfully, when the people I love say and do things that are hurtful to me. 

4. I want to move my butt. Take the stairs, park farther away even though there’s a spot closer, walk the mile to the village rather than driving, etc. And, of course, get in my workouts, because I fee better physically and emotionally when I take the time to run it out! 

What kind of habits did you form, or break, when you started living a healthier lifestyle? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments!!

“Just Showing Up” is NOT Enough

There’s an old adage, proverb, an old saying, whatever, that says “Fifty percent of success is just showing up.”

I am here to tell you friends, that’s complete and utter crap.

I started a new job this week. A chance to work for a prestigious organization in the greatest city In the world, doing a job I was by no means qualified for, but they liked my spunky side and figured I had what it took to learn what I need to know to do the job well. 

  First Day Selfie!

I’d come off five pretty big, successful years at my previous job, and I was feeling pretty confident about my ability to just walk in and figure this one out, too. 

And ohhhhhhhh, buddies… My first day in my office was a pretty humbling experience. Five minutes into my first meeting I learned I’m not going to succeed just by showing up anymore. Everyone here is just as smart, just as capable and twice as knowledgeable as I am right now. And I can’t rely on the things that got me here to sustain me – I am going to have to work twice as hard, learn everything I can about the job and acquire new skills, and probably change at least a couple of my old habits, too.

And our weight loss journeys are absolutely the same. Just showing up, just going through the motions isn’t enough. 

We need to WORK our plan, twice as hard as those who aren’t losing. Trade your cardio for cosmos, make sure you eat your whole grains, lean proteins and move your butt.

We need to LEARN new skills, or in this case, new foods. If Big Macs and fast food got you here, now’s the time to try new varieties of apples, taste the season’s first peas, and try new healthy alternatives, not just low-cal substitutes. 

We need to CHANGE the way we operate. For me, I need to be in bed at 10 so I can get up at 5:30 and eat breakfast at home before I leave for work. I also need to take an hour on Sunday’s to make my lunches for the week, rather than leave it up to chance with whatever takeout might be available. Lastly, I needed to change my routine and move my butt- because coming home and doing nothing was doing, you guessed it, NOTHING for me! 

So I’m talking about my job, but also about our weight loss journeys, and the same quote keeps coming to mind:

So that’s my challenge to you today! Let’s discover what we can REALLY do, friends! xoxo