Hitting a BIG “Reset” Button

So you know that my story, or this story, began when I woke up fat in Florida last November…

I was obese, I was incredibly out-of-shape and if we’re able to look back objectively, pretty unhappy.

I was working at a job that I loved for the mission and the work and my colleagues, but that was no longer fulfilling my needs in term of growth, development and feeling that my 70-hour work weeks were appreciated. And I don’t know if you’ve ever felt unappreciated at work, but if you have, you know it just eats at your spirit, erodes your confidence and makes the job feel like WORK.

Mr. Big and I were also at a big defining moment. I’ve told you that I love him like a crazy lady, and I really, really do. But we were at the tail end of the honeymoon period of our relationship, and were on the verge of taking one another for granted, in terms of the time, effort and communication we were putting in.

Oh, and I was FAT. Plus-sized, black or navy dresses or leggings (which are not professional attire but plus-sized pants ALWAYS fit terribly so it was easier to rock leggings, boots and a tunic than a pair of pants that squeezed my thighs but were huge in the waist) were all I could wear. I constantly had mascara on my cheeks because my cheeks were so chubby my eyelashes hit them every time I blinked. I ate drive-thru crap, so I felt like crap, and then I was sedentary, so I had no energy to do anything…

I didn’t want to be unhappy in my career. I REALLY wanted this to work with Mr. Big. And I really didn’t want to feel big, and heavy, and slow anymore. And it was in that moment that I made the decision to “hit the reset button.”

In the back of my mind, I knew a goal like “Lose 100 pounds,” was just going to seem so completely insurmountable that I would psych myself out of achieving it, so I didn’t focus on a number, other than DOWN from where I was. When we got home from Florida, I made myself some goals:

1. Join Weight Watchers and really WORK the program.

2. Join Planet Fitness, and really go at least 4x a week.

3. Start to look for a new job, with people who can inspire and teach me, at a place that was CHALLENGING.

4. Become a better partner to Mr. Big, and hold him accountable to be the same.


And now, seven months later, I can look at the story so far and think, “Yeah, this is working!”

Hit the Reset Button

  • I’ve lost -81.8 pounds. That’s right, I have broken into “Onederland” for the first time in almost a decade! Now 100 pounds seems absolutely achievable, and I’m giving myself until Labor Day weekend (18.2 pounds in 18 weeks) to get there.
  • I get at least 4, if not 5, workouts in every week. I ran my first 5k (a Color Run) with my colleagues!
  • I found a new job, at a major metropolitan company, doing work I didn’t even think I was qualified for, and I start in 3 weeks.
  • Mr. Big and I eat dinner together every night we can, with no cell phones allowed at the table, and we bike, run and walk together as often as our schedules allow. He pushes me to do more circuit training and outdoor exercise, and I make sure our weekend adventures start with an hour at Planet Fitness. We are more focused on one another’s needs, more attentive to one another’s feelings, and it’s had a significant impact on our relationship.

So that’s my advice to you today. Don’t be afraid to stop and say “You know what? This aspect of my life, this relationship, this job, it just isn’t working for me or just isn’t enough for me. I want more. I deserve more. And I’m willing to work to GET more.” And then smack the RESET button and go make it happen!