1-Week Sample Menu (With Smart Points!)

Happy Saturday, Friends!

It is very quiet in my house with Mr. Big out of town, so I’ve been making the most of my solo weekend by cooking up all kinds of fun recipes, getting caught up on my blogging and even putting together this fabulous meal plan for you to help you find great ways to eat healthy while actually LIVING your life! So often I read comments that say “I felt deprived,” or “I felt like I was missing out on what everyone else got,” and I think to myself, that’s just not necessary. Everything is possible, as long as you practice your moderation!
This week’s menus include Thai food, Panera lunch, diner breakfast, Italian dinner and even a Happy Hour! I’ve also included some substitution options if one of the meals doesn’t fit your taste! ALSO, on five of the seven days, I’ve also included a cocktail or 4SP for you to exchange for a dessert or late-night snack if you’d prefer! We can have our favorites and lose weight, too! Check it out:

Sunday & Monday

Sunday sauce was a phenomenon I learned about when Mr. Big and I started dating. Growing up in a fairly American-ized household, I just didn’t know that Sundays were for pasta and Sunday sauce/red sauce. Consider me educated now! 
So I planned for a Sunday dinner as if we were going out to eat Italian, and if you’re not interested in the appetizer, salad and fish option, you could have a portion of meat lasagna, a side salad and 2SP to spare!
Monday is always my reset day. I try to take my lunch to work, add lots of fresh fruits and veggies and definitely COFFEE to help me shake off the weekend fatigue! 
020116 MON TUES.jpg

Tuesday & Wednesday

Since Panera announced their ban on GMO foods, I’ve been a lot more willing to try it as a quick-dining option. And because it’s winter and I heart a warm soup belly feeling, I chose the Lentil Quinoa Bowl with Chicken for 11SP. If you’re not into soup/noodle bowls, a great alternative would be the 1/2 Roasted Turkey & Avocado BLT on Sourdough (6SP) and a Half Caesar Salad (5SP)!
I love my colleagues because they are totally supportive and lots of fun. I thought about a recent birthday lunch for a colleague, and remembered this meal was so yummy! If you’re not into fish tacos, why not a taco salad (minus the chips) with a sprinkle of cheese and 1 Tbsp of guacamole for the same points? Then you can still have chips & salsa with the gang!
020116 WED THURS

Thursday & Friday

Thai food was one of the things most requested in the last round of menu planning, and that’s because it’s delicious! However, all exotic spices are not for everyone, so I recommend trying it with a friend the first time! The buddy system is a good idea – even with food! 
If Thai food is not your thing, what about some Chinese? 1.25 cup portion of Chicken Lo Mein is the same SP value, and you can bulk it up with a side of steamed veggies!
TGIF! I love Happy Hour because it’s a great way to get many of the things I love in the same place: the end of the work week, my friends, people watching, cocktails and yummy snacks! Also, most of the places we frequent for happy hour are within walking distance of my house. Do NOT drink and drive, friends. It’s very, very not cool!
If you’re not a vodka person, consider 4 Michelob Ultras or three 5oz glasses of wine for 13SP.
Now, If you don’t drink, then those 14SP can be used for a plate of cheese nachos or a caprese salad (with dressing).
020116 THURS FRI


I love pizza. I do. It’s warm and herbacious and it’s got carbs, which I don’t eat very often. I recommend eating half of a personal (12-inch) pizza with tons of veggies and salad, but if you would prefer 2 pieces of thin-crust pizza, then I would swap my breakfast for egg whites and fresh fruit and have two sicilian slices!
020116 SAT.jpg
So this menu is definitely different than my standard meal plan (you can see examples HERE and HERE), but I do think it’s important to show that every type of meat (chicken, beef, pork, seafood) and every type of cuisine (Asian, Italian, Mexican, American) can be included in your plan as long as you’re willing to work on that key: moderation. 
Do you have other suggestions for substitutions that work for you? Also, what are some foods you’d like to see included in future menu prep? Send them to me in the comments below, please!

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