Finding Your Tribe

Someone asked me recently how I “found my tribe.” Weight Watchers is the easy answer. The more elaborate answer is this... Losing weight gave me the confidence to: Fall in love and really give in to the process, no matter how scary. 🏃‍♀️ Get off the sidelines of my own life and start really LIVING the adventures I’d always dreamed of. 🙅‍♀️ Stop allowing others define my value or my worth. How someone else views me is about them. How I view me is what matters. &#...

20 Easy (and Healthy) Recipes Using Rotisserie Chicken!

So you know my schedule is crazy. As a commuter I’m up early, home late, and I’m ALWAYS looking for the easiest meals to make during the week. Enter: the rotisserie chicken! This pre-roasted chicken is incredibly versatile – you can put it into so many recipes for quick, filling AND healthy weeknight meals. Check out these fun ideas:
Grilled Mediterranean Chicken and Quinoa Salad

Online Spring Break Bootcamp for Weight Loss & Wellness Starts April 1st!

Trading Cardio for Cosmos is a popular weight loss and wellness blog built on the idea that moderation is key, exercise is good and cosmos are delicious!

Founded by Alexis Eggleton, TCFC started as an outlet for Alexis as she lost more than 100lbs. Alexis and her weight loss story have been featured in the NY Post, Weight Watchers magazine and on! Over time, TCFC grew to include these Online Group Classes where Alexis and friends share their best strategies, tips, inspiration and support ...

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