TCFC’s “Don’t Wait for 2019!” Challenge

Why wait for 2019 to get focused on your health and wellness goals? December has 31 days where we can work hard, eat healthy, and start the new year on the RIGHT foot! The TCFC "Don't Wait Until 2019!" Challenge provides support, encouragement, healthy recipes, and inspiration designed to keep you focused through the holidays! This challenge contains three, 30-minute audio classes available on demand right on your cell phone. The classes cover topics like: 10 Holiday Eating Strategies to Help You Survive Cocktail Parties, Dining Out, Holiday Feasts & More! Taming Emotiona...

WW Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet

Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday. I love gathering family from across the country for games, stories, laughter, and reminiscing.  But for my weight loss journey, Thanksgiving is usually a day when I am less successful. I get derailed by the appetizers, my wine glass is never empty, and I end up with a pretty serious sugar/carb hangover the next day. So this year I've decided: I'm not going to go into the holiday without a plan. I am going to research the things on our Thanksgiving table, and I'm going to decide which foods I definitely want, which foods I'm cont...

Put An Egg On It: Breakfast Bowls!

You guys know my favorite food is eggs, so it’s no wonder breakfast bowls are right up there on my list of must-have breakfasts! I love them because the combinations are truly endless, and I usually prefer them when I’m aiming for a low-carb or protein-packed meal – no toasts allowed! So let’s talk possibilities! First and foremost, I like a lot of contrasting textures. The eggs are pretty soft, so fresh, hearty greens like arugula and baby kale provide some nice crunch! Read more

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